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TJ Agosto

TJ Agosto

My first passions are real estate and family, I absolutely love everything about them. My second passion is service…I love to help! I started in real estate as an a house rehabber. I enjoyed taking a run down property and making it something great again. While working a full time job in IT I could not get enough…I yearned for more! So much so, I decided to jump in to real estate with both feet! It was probably the toughest decision I have ever made, but my wife was SUPER supportive. She encouraged me to follow my dream/passion, because she knew how much it meant to me to help others. I became a REALTOR® two years ago and since then I have accomplished more then most who have been in the industry for years. I have personally closed over 150+ transaction and have more than 40 Million in sales. The stat I am most proud of is in 2+ years I have helped saved people OVER 1 Million dollars, through negotiations and or REBATES and also have been able to spend a LOT more time with my family. Real estate is changing and because of my IT background it puts me in a unique advantage to leverage my knowledge and expertise. It’s funny when you look at it. I can save you THOUSANDS of dollars selling your home and I can Negotiate you and REBATE you THOUSANDS of dollars buying a home, including New Construction. It is nice how things are changing in the real estate world. While most real estate agents may not think so, –I do (and hope you do as well). So you can buy a home with any Realtor®, but you want one that is going to represent you till the final “T” is crossed, someone that has done millions of dollars in transactions, someone who will go above and beyond and someone who knows all the ins and outs of every single little detail. OH…And someone who actually cares about you, your future home…and someone that will still be there 6 months…6 years later to answer any questions. Leverage my dedication, attention to detail and expertise to work for you! If you don’t want cash back at closing, I can always keep it… But, I would rather reward you for using my services. My motto is “I make less, so you can SAVE more”. Basically, I love what I do, I am efficient at what I do, and my passion for real estate is unsurpassed! So it’s easy math for me to be able to pass the savings on to you! My mission is to provide a Win/Win situation when buying or selling your home, the ONLY catch is I want you to tell ALL your friends/family about ME and my team!

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